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Custom Website Design

Custom Website Design

From single-page websites to fully customized, multi-page websites with e-commerce, Record Digital can provide you with a completely customizable website that suits the unique needs of your business. Well-designed, easily navigatable websites designed by Record Digital, can give you the upper hand in modern society. The website we create for you will make your business visible to the general public, and you will easily gain more of your ideal customers.

Consider one of our custom web design solutions to make more of an impact with your local online marketing. You will have a highly search and consumer optimized website that you can control and modify. Studies show that 82% of people use the Internet to find local businesses, so having a great website is very important.

Record Digital's custom web design solutions include a highly optimized website, branded domain, SEO and consumer optimized content, search traffic & ranking, so your business can attract more and more customers. You will work very closely with a website developer throughout the process of building and maintaining your website.

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Mobile Web Design

Mobile Website Design

Mobile devices are becoming the main medium through which consumers perform their digital shopping and searches. Record Digital's team can provide you with a fully custom mobile website to accompany your desktop website.

Our mobile web design uses the design aspects, functionality and content from your full site, and displays information in a way that is much simpler to navigate on mobile devices. When your website is accessed on a mobile device, users are automatically brought to the optimized mobile version of the website. It is crafted to feel like an extension of the current website.

After testing the mobile website to ensure the look and functionality is consistent among different mobile devices, you are left with the end result: an improved user experience and navigational ease on any tablet or mobile device.

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Banner Ads

Banner Ads Design

With professional, effective banner ads designed by Record Digital, your website will draw in more traffic. Our design team can handle anything from static ads to animation and rich media, strengthening your digital advertising.

Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to provide you with high quality banner ads to represent your website. You have the option to choose from many different dimensions, including 468 × 60 pixels. Our banners are highly professional and well designed, and we can display them throughout varied publisher websites. We allow for numerous add-ons, including dynamic content, and product/service branding, which helps us to stand out among the competition.

Boost your marketing strategy today, with our affordable and professional banner ads. They will create more sales leads and provide your business with a lot of relevant exposure.

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